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Released 2015, West Tone records.

It was time to change it up– I’d never recorded with any of the band before, much less in California!    So the cover is an aerial view of San Jose, the house that Greaseland studio resides in is visible in the photo.   I’d just gotten off a month long Japanese tour and my spirits were sky-high.  I did this recording in five hours– we just banged out my most successful band tunes and a couple I’d written in the last two days.  Then we all went to a fabulous Indian restaurant.   This CD remains a fan favorite.

Kid Andersen, guitar, organ
Aki Kumar, harp
Vance Ehlers, bass
June Core, drums

“Johnny has that raw looseness on guitar that is so lost from blues recordings today. If there is a more exciting “real blues” guitar player on the planet today, tell me who it is! (Buddy Guy excepted) This is a must-hear release!”
–Bman’s Blues Report
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“Burgin has become a shoot-from-the-hip guitarist who knows his material very well. And he likes to play loose, stretch it out, push the limits, and get a little wild.”
–Justin O’Brien, Living Blues Magazine
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